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  1. incubateur montpellier toulouse

    Innovative companies: applications for the 20th GO cohort are now open!

    “Les Premières Occitanie” specializes in working with women entrepreneurs at every step of their projects.

  2. Le Village and Caisse Régionale are determined!

    In cooperation with Caisse Régional’s pro-agriculture-heritage market development team, Le Village by CA Languedoc participated in the “Determined” program for the second year in a row.

  3. France Active Airdie, boosting success for meaningful projects in the Montpellier Métropole area

    Of the 576 projects funded by the association in the eastern Occitanie region in 2022, no fewer than 102 originated in the greater Montpellier area, a place where company creation and quests for me...

  4. Call for projects: Companies On Campus

    The I-SITE Excellence Program perpetuates the Investment for the Future Program initiative seeking to create world-class universities that stand out for their innovative capacity and their impact o...

  5. Montpellier : 1ère place des grandes Métropoles les plus attractives et résilientes en France

    Montpellier: Ranked as #1 most attractive and resilient large metropolis in France

    The new Arthur Loyd 2022 Barometer ranks Montpellier in top position among the most attractive and resilient large metropolitan areas in France. At the same time, Toulouse rose again to reach secon...

  6. 2023 call for candidates: La Palanquée Incubator!

    La Palanquée is recruiting its new class of entrepreneurs in the Thau Lagoon area! Submit your application before midnight on January 15, 2023.

  7. Alter’Incub Occitanie call for projects

    Create a company that reflects your values by applying for the new Alter’Incub 2022/2023 call for projects!

  8. A look back at ActInSpace 2022, the event’s 5th edition!

    Over 400 teams competed around the world for 24 hours to come up with ideas for the products and services of tomorrow based on patented space technologies, taking on one of the 30 challenges propos...

  9. Montpellier Capital Risque, an inspired and healthy venture capital event

    Scheduled for July 1-2, this annual event where investors meet innovative high-potential startups and businesses has become a flagship moment. Here are some testimonials.

  10. IMAIOS, l’inventeur de l’e-anatomy @david maugendre

    IMAIOS, inventing e-anatomy

    Founded in 2008 by two radiologists, the Montpellier BIC graduate startup is listed in the 2021 ranking of France’s 500 growth champions. Here’s an x-ray of their success.