Our startup assistance programs

When you get assistance from Montpellier BIC, you benefit from personalized coaching, acceleration programs, and all our networks.

Make your project ambitious!

Throughout your company startup project, your dedicated coach works with you to target your market effectively, elaborate your business model, plan your growth phases, and fine-tune your financial strategy.
In addition to providing individual attention, Montpellier BIC:

Montpellier BIC advises you on strategy

Challenge your project with Jump’In Creation
Challenge your project with Jump’In Creation
Test your project! Subject it to a critical and objective review by participating in our acceleration program, Jump’In Creation. This intensive 5-week mentoring program gives you a chance to challenge every aspect of your project.
Découvrez quelques-uns de nos Cap Managers qui œuvrent pour votre réussite.
Refine your strategy with the BIC Strategic Committee
Listen to BIC graduates, BIC alumni, managers at major companies, and business angels. Our experienced Cap Manager mentors are here to help with your strategy.
Le BIC vous met en réseau notamment grâce au Comité d'Experts
Participate in group workshops and thematic sessions
Finance, human resources, digital marketing, design, business development, business news, and more. We regularly cover the topics that concern you most.
Photo d'illustration d'un entrepreneur
Volunteer experts answer your questions at OTECI Committee meetings
Do you have questions about your competitive positioning? Human resources organization? Business development? Individual brainstorming sessions lasting 1.5 hours focusing on your project are organized with seasoned experts with vast and diverse professional experience.
trio design
Challenge your product design with TRIO Design
Benefit from a free audit of your website, product, or application by experienced designers. You’ll go home with directions for improving the user experience, offering concept, and operational aspects.

Montpellier BIC helps you obtain the funding you need

L’ESA BIC Sud France est coordonné par le pôle de compétitivité Aerospace Valley,
Benefit from support by ESA BIC Sud France
The leading European Space Agency (ESA) incubator in France, ESA BIC Sud France is coordinated by the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster in cooperation with CNES and the SAFE cluster, offering a specific program for projects related to space.
Get ready for your first fundraising with Jump’Invest
Montpellier BIC helps your company during its seed phase with a dedicated coaching program, an introduction to business angel networks, and seed capital funds. Based on working together in small groups for individual and collective coaching, the Jump’Invest program helps you tackle the issues related to your first round of funding.
Rencontres Montpellier Capital Risque 2016
Benefit from an intensive program with Montpellier Venture Capital
Every year, fifteen regional companies in their series A and B funding phases are selected to participate in a four-month coaching program with fundraising professionals. The goal is to make a convincing pitch to sixty national investors from the Montpellier BIC network.

Montpellier BIC accelerates your business development

Photos de dirigeants et de porteurs de projets au BIC de Montpellier
Boost your sales with the “Take Off” program
Boost your growth and take advantage of our Take Off program, which gives you the benefit and experience of experts in strategy and business development working with you over the year to help you  build market share.
Rencontres Open Innovation avec Veolia en 2020
Participate in Open Innovation events
EDF, Invivo, Clear Channel, SNCF, Orange, Enedis, Dell, and others come regularly to meet startups assisted by Montpellier BIC and establish partnerships together or integrate innovations developed by startups.
L’accélérateur de start-ups We Sprint
Benefit for co-assistance with WeSprint
Hosted at Cap Omega, the WeSprint accelerator offers companies, chosen via a selection process, a 4-month operational acceleration program that includes business development, communication, workshops, and more, as a complement to BIC assistance.

Montpellier BIC offers sector-specific assistance programs

Montpellier BIC also works with dedicated partners to co-create assistance programs focusing on specific sectors

SPARX: the fruit of a partnership between Schlumberger and Montpellier BIC
Schlumberger and Montpellier BIC created the “SPARKS by Montpellier BIC” program in 2020 to offer companies business and technology support in the digital and energy sectors. The two assisted startups, Deepbloo and Inatysco, created a total of 12 jobs in one year!
Montpellier Game Lab: a program to boost young studios
Starting in early 2021, the association Push Start and Montpellier BIC began an unprecedented assistance program for five video game studios, combining individual coaching, training, mentoring, networking, production advice, playtest sessions, and more

Zoom on…Montpellier Game Lab

Jeu Vidéo et animation 3D
A program for the video game industry
Montpellier’s history with video games goes back a long way! For many years, the area has been known as home to many professionals and students specialized in video games. This dedicated program led by the regional Push Start association and Montpellier BIC is just what we need to keep moving forward!
Depuis plus de 30 ans, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole a fait le pari de l’entrepreneuriat innovant. @sandra rossi
Build, grow, accelerate…
Launched in 2021, the Montpellier Game Lab program helps young studios elaborate their business plans, organize their teams, fund their efforts, and grow by combining a series of individual and group actions.
Les ICC ont un nouveau rendez-vous : le MICC. @chuck production
5 startups selected
A first round of studio selection is complete. Five young and ambitious studios will participate in Montpellier Game Lab: Bblack Studio, Build The Light, Exalted StudioFireplace Games, and Play Curious. We will be here to help them throughout their entrepreneurial journey!
Montpellier BIC, incubator partner for French Tech Tremplin

By participating in this program, we are taking action to assist startups with founders from priority districts and underprivileged social environments, in business for less than three years.

Our goal is to help them access funding, training, mentors, and an assistance platform for a full year. 42,000 € in aid will granted to the chosen startup (partially covering incubation program costs).