Do you have an innovative project? Do you want to create an innovative company? Montpellier BIC helps you test your ideas and help turn them into a profitable and sustainable busin

Who can receive assistance from Montpellier BIC?

All company creators who have great ideas and skills! For us, innovation involves much more than just a technological dimension. Innovation includes everything that can bring your future company a solid and sustainable competitive advantage over existing commercial offerings, such as a particularly innovative service, new business model, exclusive process, etc.
The selection committee evaluates projects based on four criteria:
Your team: its legitimacy in the target sector, its availability, complementarity, and management abilities.
The innovative nature of your project, which must be unique and sustainable,  barriers to entry.
Market size, your project’s scalability and international development potential.
- Your desire to set up in the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area.
Furthermore, we care very much about the societal and environmental commitments of innovative startup projects, and we take those factors into account when evaluating applications.
Un incubateur reconnu au niveau mondial : le BIC de Montpellier

Montpellier BIC

Halle de l’Innovation, 10 Place Françoise Héritier

34000 Montpellier

04 67 13 69 82

Incubation process

Selection is tough! Only about 30 out of over 300 projects presented every year are chosen.

Première étape du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : la sélection
Montpellier BIC makes a preliminary selection of candidates based on their application form
Phase 1 du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : la réunion d'information
Phase 1: “Speed Coaching”
Selected candidates are invited to attend an information meeting. Project eligibility is evaluated during an interview with two project managers.
Phase 2 du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : le pitch
Phase 2: “Pitch” session.
Entrepreneurs successfully making it through Phase 1 are invited to give a 5-minute pitch of their project to the BIC team and other selected candidates.
Etape 4 du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : la pré-incubation
When you are in pre-incubation, an evaluation phase up to four months – renewable one time – is offered to enable you to work on project feasibility aspects.
Etape 5 du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : l'agrément
Approval committee
When you meet all the right selection criteria, it’s time for you to pitch your proposal to the Montpellier BIC approval committee, comprising partners and our entire team.
Etape 6 du processus d'incubation au BIC de Montpellier : l'incubation
Congratulations! You benefit from 3 to 5 years of incubation, signing an assistance contract and enjoying the entire Montpellier BIC offering to develop your activity.

Benefit from assistance, as many others already have…

Montpellier, un des principaux pôles numérique en France
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Le BIC soutient le secteur biotech / medtech
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Montpellier est un pôle santé incontournable de la santé.
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