Montpellier Business Plan

Montpellier Business Plan application has helped entrepreneurs create over 55 000 users.

5 reasons to use Montpellier Business Plan

Montpellier Business Plan was created by the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC, leveraging over 30 years of experience assisting startups. Montpellier Business Plan offers a complete method for forecasting your business activity simply and completely.
  1. Available anywhere, compatible with all types of digital platforms
  2. Perfect for testing different business models
  3. Collaborative tool for sharing your scenarios with partners
  4. Designed for innovative companies ("Young Innovative Company" status, research tax credits, etc.)
  5. Automatic conversion to Anglo-Saxon business plan format

Montpellier Business Plan users

“Montpellier Business Plan is the ideal tool for elaborating financial forecasts covering a startup’s first few years. The tool covers absolutely everything with unparalleled calculation efficiency. It is clearly the best way for a budding entrepreneur to approach and understand the inner workings of financial planning and a company’s funding plan, while benefiting from assistance right from the start.”

Lahouari Kaddouri, co-founder of LKSpatialist

“MBP is a tool that I have watched evolve for the past 10 years, the result of Montpellier BIC’s extensive experience assisting startups. Very well designed, the software shows the future company’s financial aspects clearly, enabling entrepreneurs to effectively understand their financial needs for a successful project. As a web application, MBP is perfect for enabling co-founders and advisors to share ideas. It is also a practical tool for tracking business activity during the company’s first years, helping to guide and simulate various short- and medium-term strategies.”

Frederick Van Meer, co-founder of Anatoscope

“Montpellier Business Plan is a very good tool for approaching your business plan calmly. It is intuitive and contains everything you need to get started properly and elaboration company creation projects. It enabled us to itemize our expenses, try out different business models, and validate the overall coherency of our project. You can easily duplicate an existing business plan and experiment with alternative hypotheses to verify impact on cashflow and results over time. It’s all online and therefore easy to access from any web browser, which makes it very practical on a daily basis.”

Hatem Oueslati, co-founder of IoTerop