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Growth Strategy EMBA, a program preparing companies for tomorrow

Information updated on 27/10/22

With participants earning a university diploma, the Growth Strategy EMBA teaches company leaders to steer business in uncertain times, focusing on long-term, sustainable, and responsible growth. Definitely a winning strategy.

La promo 2020 EMBA

The 2020 EMBA class

The Growth Strategy EMBA program was launched in 2013. The economic context makes it all the more relevant today. The result of collaboration between Montpellier Management (University of Montpellier), the Jacques Coeur Chair / Labex Entreprendre, and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the Growth Strategy Executive MBA teaches company leaders how to secure their company’s path. This topic is highly relevant when the economic environment loses its stability.
The impact of the health crisis combined with recent climate urgency has triggered an economic paradigm shift. Designed for VSEs and SMEs, this EMBA program does not promote the idea of growth at all costs, but rather long-term, sustainable, and responsible growth to strengthen their foundations and help companies overcome any difficult context with adapted strategy.

“The purpose is not to teach company leaders to pursue unreasonable growth, but to focus on realistic and sustainable growth,” confirms Karim Messeghem, co-director of the EMBA program and Jacques Coeur Chair.

With about fifty hours of class time, the curriculum is validated by a university diploma. Company leaders are selected based on a candidacy application. Classes never include more than eight people at a time. The program presented to participants is spread out over a semester, taking into account people’s busy schedules.
Modules are based on five theme-oriented days: ambition and strategy, rethinking the organization, funding issues, alliances, and internationalization. The director-students benefit from personalized coaching throughout the program, even while elaborating the business plan they need to prepare for their company to complete the diploma. Participants are assisted by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole’s SME Growth Pack experts for their final work.
That is actually what represents the uniqueness of this EMBA.

“What distinguishes this program is the expertise offered by Labex Entreprendre and Montpellier Métropole, which both share real world knowledge on the topic of VSE/SME growth,” highlights Karim Messeghem.

The Executive MBA has been a hit since it was first created.

“This university program greatly helped me organize my strategy, notably by increasing my skill set. Not only that, but our company is involved with the Social and Solidarity Economy sector, and the principles of long-term, sustainable, and responsible growth reflect our values,” says Aine Herbinet, director of Mooven (28 employees), a company specialized in well-being through physical activity. The company is based at the Réalis facility in Montpellier.

Nicolas Bertrand shares his impression: “We worked with very high-level coaches who pushed us on every aspect of our project and helped us fine-tune our business plan,” says the director of Iocean (30 employees), a company specialized in business digitalization, focusing on eco-responsibility by offering simple and sustainable solutions.

“Eco-responsibility has always been part of our DNA, but this EMBA program made us aware that we need to promote our strategy more than we have until now,” adds Nicolas Bertrand.

The program’s benefits don’t stop there. The training enables participants to share, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. Dedicated to company leaders in the Leader Montpellier association, the 2020 class is no exception to the rule.

“It is always an excellent idea to learn and meet other people,” says Pierre Deniset, CEO of Kaliop (nearly 200 employees), a Montpellier group specialized in digital transformation and innovation. “This EMBA made me want to continue and take more classes.”

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