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Call for candidates: executive course in Financial Management and Sustainable Growth

Information updated on 26/09/23

Entrepreneurs, learn how to manage your finances with the “Financial Management and Sustainable Growth” executive training course run by WOAgri and Montpellier Métropole in partnership with Leader Montpellier!

Appel à candidatures Formation Executive « Pilotage financier et croissance durable »

The “Financial Management and Sustainable Growth” executive training offered by Montpellier Management (MOMA) and Montpellier Métropole in partnership with Leader Montpellier seeks to:
  • Provide a financial perspective tailored to managers who have a technical background and who are familiar with the production and distribution of the products created by their company as well as the general management of their business.
  • Achieve basic and operational understanding of the challenges and practices involved in managing their company’s finances.


Three days from October to December to learn the basics of managing your company’s finances.

  • Mornings: learning the theoretical foundations and working in groups on pre-defined case studies.
  • Afternoons: individual work relating to your own business, and group work with other participating entrepreneurs.
Where: Montpellier Management Espace Richter - Rue Vendémiaire Building B – Montpellier

Program benefits

Training is organized around a group approach with individual follow-up. Work is done under the direction of a coach, applying generic cases to your company’s specific situation.

The teaching team comprises research professors from Labex Entreprendre specialized in the fields of finance and growth strategy, along with a growth funding expert from Montpellier Métropole.
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