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Arkyan rationalizes decision-making for filing patents

Information updated on 23/11/18

A grand prize winner of the i-Lab 2018 competition, startup Arkyan has released the first version of its web application. The application analyzes the chances of being awarded a patent and compares that information to market studies to help make decisions

Arkyan rationalise la prise de décision en matière de dépôts de brevets
The startup company Arkyan won a grand prize in the i-Lab 2018 competition with its research program carried out in cooperation with LIRMM, the prestigious Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics, and Microelectronics. Together, they elaborated an artificial intelligence algorithm that facilitates decision-making for companies regarding their patent filings in about 100 countries. “Our tool’s originality is that it predicts a patent filing’s chances for success and associates that with cutting-edge market studies as a way to rationalize choices made by decision-makers,” highlights Marc Cornuejols, CEO of Arkyan.

For the startup adventure, he joined forces with three developers and his two partners from Cassiopi, the leading industrial property consultancy in the Languedoc-Roussillon area. Together, they founded Arkyan in February 2017 in Castelnau le Lez, with offices right next to their consultancy’s headquarters. They intend to take full advantage of the Montpellier French Tech ecosystem and the project has been incubated at the BIC facility since late 2016.

Legal Tech

It was an obvious choice for us to go to the BIC, notably because of their excellent results, and to contact renowned Montpellier research institutes such as LIRMM,” points out the Arkyan CEO. “We benefit from top-quality assistance as well as the vibrant community of digital startups in Montpellier.”

The young company also leverages the emergence of the Legal Tech field in the Montpellier Métropole area. Arkyan is the first startup to join the Montpellier Bar Association incubator.

In late September, the company released the first version of its Arkyan Tactics web application, a statistical algorithm based on the same principle (combining patent prediction with market studies), which uses a massive database that is updated constantly. Arkyan has already earned its first customers, including SMEs and one large company, and is currently seeking to hire two people. The next version of its artificial intelligence tool will be released in 2019.

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