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Personalized training for directors in growing SMEs

À partir du 01 01/19
Du 01 janvier 2019
au 31 décembre 2019
Information mise à jour le 17/12/19

Designed for SME directors with projects to expand their company, this personalized training is the fruit of a partnership between the Labex Entreprendre (laboratory of excellence at the University of Montpellier) and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

Formation Executive MBA
Karim Messeghem, professor at University of Montpellier and director of Labex Entreprendre, co-manager of the SME Growth Strategies Executive MBA, explains: “This program targets SME directors who have plans to develop their company in both national and international markets.”

Benefiting from five sessions, to be held one day a month, SME directors study the five keys of company growth: strategy and the “growth attitude”, efficient organization, funding methods, openness to partnerships and outside advice, and international development.

Karim Messeghem summarizes: “The program offers top-quality input by university researchers, consultancies, and assistance organizations, as well as field-experience shared by company leaders.”

Developing your company

Leveraging these various theoretical and practical resources, each of the 7 to 10 participants also benefits from personalized coaching from January to September, to elaborate an operational business plan.

Sylvie Reitz, an expert in SME assistance for Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, adds: “We implement a method that has proven itself effective with financiers. We first work from January to March on the company’s background and an audit of the current situation, then focus on objectives and action plans through June. We finalize financial aspects during the summer. At each step, program participants present their work before a test jury for evaluation.”

In September, participants present their completed project to the jury granting the diploma. Then the real work begins!
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