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  1. Création d’entreprises : « Un Tramway Nommé Startup » fait le plein de projets @DR

    Company creation: “A Tramway Named Startup” filled with projects

    The 3rd edition of the Montpellier Métropole initiative “A Tramway Named Startup” attracted about one hundred project leaders on November 27. They met with 80 attentive coaches to get their company...

  2. Atelier UIMM

    UIMM Occitanie LR, a player for Montpellier, Positive Industry

    As host for the 1st Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry workshop, and coach during the recent UTNS event, the UIMM Occitanie LR federation is firmly committed to the Montpellier, Positive In...

  3. La Halle Tropisme en action @david richard

    Métropolisme Festival: making the city of tomorrow smart and welcoming

    From late September to mid-October, the Métropolisme Festival at Tropisme Hall examined issues and technologies for the smart city of tomorrow. Here are some high points from the event in Montpell...

  4. Pierre Charvet, CEO de Studi @studi

    Studi launches online training for youth in priority neighborhoods

    With its fast growth in the e-learning sector, Studi offers 100 free online training courses for residents of Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods. The courses are part of Studi’s commitment to the...

  5. La santé, cœur battant de la Métropole de Montpellier

    Health, the beating heart of the Montpellier metropolitan area

    A land of achievements, the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area has earned international recognition in the health field, joining teaching, research, innovation, and quality of life throughout ...

  6. A la rencontre de nos succePascal Magnier et Clément Penin, co-dirigeants d’Expernova

    Meeting our success stories / Interview with Pascal Magnier and Clément Penin, co-directors of Expernova

    “Beyond the idea, your ability to execute is what makes the difference”

  7. Higher Education Fair

    Come visit the University of Montpellier at the Higher Education Fair, a perfect opportunity to meet university students and staff, and get answers to any questions you may have about our courses a...

  8. A Montpellier, Les startups à la portée des collégiens du réseau d’éducation prioritaire @david-crespin

    Startups welcome high school students from priority education network

    On October 10, about thirty middle school students from priority neighborhoods worked with startups and got a chance to speak with directors. The activity was organized by Montpellier BIC as part o...

  9. #IOT, #Manufacturing: The connected object revolution

  10. #FoodTech #AgTech: global agronomic research