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  1. Les Hivernales de Montpellier

    Montpellier Winter Fair

    The City of Montpellier is hosting its Winter Fair from November 27 to December 28, 2019.

  2. Grégory Lamotte, CEO de Comwatt©David Richard

    Doing business differently: Comwatt focuses on making the energy transition accessible to all

    Montpellier startup Comwatt, which develops solar solutions for low cost self-consumption, expands its initiatives for promoting energy transition that is accessible to everyone, from collective se...

  3. Montpellier, terre propice à « l'Industrie positive »

    Building tomorrow’s economy

    In Montpellier, we promote industry that is a pioneer for new technologies, responsible for the environment, and committed to sustainable employment.

  4. Les Estivales 2018, Montpellier ©MMM

    “Les Estivales” – Montpellier summer fair

    Montpellier’s “Estivales” summer fair will take place every Friday evening from July 12 to August 30, 6:30 to 11:30 PM.

  5. commerces Montpellier @M3M

    Montpellier: actions to revitalize the downtown area

    Boosting activity in downtown Montpellier is a priority for the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole, with the Hérault consular chambers and all local businesses. Together, they sent an am...

  6. 7 minutes chrono : c’est le temps dévolu à chaque créateur des jeunes entreprises innovantes sélectionnées (ici le fondateur de La Cuisine de Véro) pour capter l’attention des investisseurs ©David Richard

    Montpellier Capital Risque, the funding event for young startups

    At least 17 startup directors made their pitches on May 24 at Montpellier Capital Risque, held at the Cap Omega incubator. The event provided an opportunity for local startups to contact nearly 60 ...

  7. Nicolas Passalacqua, fondateur et CEO d’Octipas.

    Interview with Nicolas Passalacqua, founder and CEO of Octipas

    “Innovation is 50% of success”

  8. Fraichy, vos courses en ligne auprès de commerces de bouche montpelliérains

    Fraichy, your online shopping at Montpellier food shops

    Starting in mid-November, three student-entrepreneurs are launching Fraichy, an online store that unites Montpellier food businesses. Get everything you need to buy online, with delivery at your ho...

  9. Ob’Art 2018

    From Friday 06 April 2018 at 09:00 to Sunday 08 April 2018 at 19:00 - Corum, Montpellier