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Call for candidacy: become a storyteller at the upcoming Innovation Tales event

From 03 02/20
From 03 February 2020
to 23 March 2020
Information updated on 27/02/20

What is Innovation Tales (“Contes de l’Innovation”)? Innovative project leaders come to present their innovations as a fairytale to decision-makers and institutional bodies. Applications for candidacy are being accepted until March 23, 2020.

Appel à candidatures : Contes de l'Innovation 2020

Myriagone Conseil has launched a call for candidacy for Innovation Tales 2020 (“Contes de l'Innovation 2020”)

Innovation Tales was created in 2015 by the Montpellier strategic innovation consultancy Myriagone Conseil. The concept is unique: for one evening, once a year, five storytellers take the stage one after the other. Maybe you could be next?

Your innovation is unique, why not tell a story about it?

Whether you are a researcher, member of an association, entrepreneur, R&D manager, or play another role, it might be your turn to become a storyteller for an evening.

How to participate
Send us a written presentation describing your innovation, with details about what the innovation journey brought you and what you learned from it. 
A jury of innovation and entrepreneurship professionals will select five storytellers to present their projects during a unique event to be held in Montpellier in early July 2020.

Learn storytelling techniques
If you are selected, you’ll get to go on stage at the event to tell an unprecedented story: your own! Experts at Myriagone Conseil help you ahead of time, providing personalized assistance:
You will participate in a group workshop to launch the imagination process for your tale. Using creative and organizational techniques, we will guide you through elaboration of your story.
You will benefit from two individual coaching sessions during which we will work with you to provide the most effective methods for writing and telling your story.
At the event, you will take center stage and present your project to various players in the local innovation ecosystem, including entrepreneur networks, clusters, financiers, institutional bodies, and other companies.

Apply now!
Send us a presentation highlighting the innovative nature of your project (a single A4 page in Word or PDF format) by e-mail:
Applications will be accepted until March 23, 2020!

Why should you participate?

Immediate and long-lasting benefits
Innovation Tales is a unique experience. How can you stand out at a time when there are so many innovations? How can you be successful in a highly competitive landscape?
Innovation Tales does more than just give you another sounding board for your project: it guides you through a bold storytelling process. Even more than that, it gives you access to many tools for presenting your innovation from a different angle, one that is daring, unique, and captivating.

The benefits are not just limited to the event itself, but they leave you with long-lasting levers for your development:
  • First, you benefit from personalized coaching: learn how to boost your creativity and think differently.
  • At the event, you will gain exposure and build your network: meet important players in the Occitanie economic community. 
  • After the event, you will possess unique tools for presenting your innovation: benefit from long-term exposure thanks to press coverage and videos of your stage performance.
Some of our storytellers since 2015
They all took the challenge and never regretted it! Here are some of the companies that participated as storytellers at Innovation Tales:
Arthur Dupuy - EDF - Phytobokaz - Vogo - CilCare - Koovea - Horiba Medical
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