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“Waste is More” turns waste into resources

Information updated on 23/11/18

What do a game of assembling plastic bottle-tops and an ecological mobility service have in common?

Waste is more transforme les déchets en ressources ©Waste
Their creator, Waste is More, an innovative green-tech startup assisted by Montpellier BIC and hosted at the Cap Omega incubator facility.

 “Our goal is to leverage design and innovation to generate value from waste,” says Mathieu Collos, who founded Waste is More with Cyril Rheims in Montpellier, in 2016. The company’s first creation is called “clip-it”, a game where players assemble plastic bottle-tops using small clips, which are produced by melding and modeling the small objects provided by the Bouchons d’Amour association, then sorted by color at an ESAT facility (Establishment and Service for Assistance Through Work). A game box containing clips and 10 bottle-tops collected from Evian will be distributed starting in the fall of 2018. Children will be encouraged to collect other bottle-tops from their friends and family, and then donate the bottle-tops to an association when they no longer want them. “The idea is to bring this concept into the circular and solidarity economy,” highlights Mathieu Collos.

The company’s founders, formerly architects who reoriented themselves for this adventure, also launched another project: “Tri-rider”, which was tested along the coast in July and August.

Tri-rider focuses on meeting two needs: collecting waste found by the seashore, and ecological mobility in a very expansive city,” explains the entrepreneur.

An electric vehicle called e-moke is made available for vacationers and residents, with a driver. As payment, passengers must pick up four pieces of trash and sort them into the vehicle’s four bins. Waste is More has been assisted by Montpellier BIC for the past two years, with its offices at the Cap Omega incubator facility since April.

We took advantage of the “Cap Growth” program, which helped us build a long-term strategy and seek funding. That led us to an industrial partnership that we are now pursuing for clip-it, including a commercial partnership to replicate the idea in Japan,” exclaims one of the two founders, thrilled to be back in a startup environment.

They raised 326,000 euros in April from INCO, which assists young companies involved with the green economy, and via the crowdfunding platform, that the founders met during a Montpellier Venture Capital meeting organized by BIC.

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