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Quantum Surgical revolutionizes liver cancer treatment

Information updated on 21/05/19

With his new company Quantum Surgical, Bertin Nahum, Montpellier specialist in surgical robots, offers a smart, minimally invasive solution for treating cancer. Their first target is liver cancer, the world’s second-most lethal type of cancer.

Bertin Nahum ® Mario SINISTAJ

Bertin Nahum ©Mario SINISTAJ

Bertin Nahum, the former founder and CEO of Medtech, a startup that was acquired by an American company in 2016, has been exploring the potential for using smart robotics to treat liver cancer for the past two years. His new company, Quantum Surgical, has developed a high-precision surgical assistant that is now in its prototype phase. Tests in the operating room are expected to start in 2019. The solution was created to give as many patients as possible access to an innovative treatment that is targeted and less invasive, and which improves the prognostic for the disease, particularly in its early stages.

“Liver cancer, the second-most lethal type of cancer, affects 800,000 new patients every year around the world, including 8,000 in France,” explains the engineer specialized in medical engineering.

This new surgical assistance tool offers an alternative, or complement, to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. It is expected to be released on the market by 2021 in France, as well as in the United States, Europe, and China.

“We are the only company positioned on designing such a decision-making and virtual reality platform,” adds the former Medtech CEO. Bertin Nahum was ranked as the fourth most revolutionary hi-tech entrepreneur in the world in 2012 for his company’s robots for neurosurgery and spinal column and knee interventions.

Nearly 50 employees in late 2018

The new company, Quantum Surgical, is busy consolidating its structure. Funds raised in June 2018 through investment by the Ally Bridge group, an international investment group specializing in life sciences, boosted the company with six million euros.  This capital will notably be used to accelerate technical development of the solution as well as to hire additional staff.

We hired people with expert profiles in their fields, growing from ten employees in January 2018 to reach nearly fifty by the end of the year,” notes Bertin Nahum.

 Located in Montpellier’s Millénaire district, Quantum Surgical benefits from 400,000 € in innovation aid from Bpifrance .

The Montpellier ecosystem is very favorable for creating and developing companies,” says the entrepreneur. “In addition to institutional and financial support systems, the area is a concentration of clusters at the crossroads of innovation and cutting-edge technologies. That is a tremendous asset in terms of resources and expertise.”

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