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Panjee, everything you need to know about food products

Information updated on 14/12/21

The Montpellier startup Panjee gives everyone access to information about food products. The company is creating a “food passport” database for the agri-food community to share with distributors and consumers.

Jeoffrey Queruel et Léonard Matoug - Panjee©David Crespin

Jeoffrey Queruel and Léonard Matoug - Panjee ©David Crespin

What’s the best way to provide consumers with complete and reliable information about food products? To answer the question, two Montpellier residents – Jeoffrey Queruel and Léonard Matoug – created a customizable digital tool that is now being developed by their startup, Panjee.

The goal is to respond in a well-organized and complete manner by involving all stakeholders in the chain, from producers to professional associations and those responsible for signs of quality,” says Eva Courtaillier, the company’s account manager.

Every product has its own “passport” containing detailed information including the geographical location, producer contact information, agricultural methods, certifications, taste profile, nutritional qualities, shelf-life, etc., as well as recipes so people can fully enjoy the product. Complete information will be made available for every quality indicator. A vast database will harmonize, classify, and link information that has until now been dispersed and heterogeneous.

Every stakeholder can share these passports with their partners and use them in-store, on web sites, and wherever appropriate,” highlights Jeoffrey Queruel.

Creation of a digital catalog for Montpellier MIN

In late 2018, Panjee created “nosproduitsdequalité.fr” (translation: our quality products), a new information site for INAO – the French National Institute for Origin and Quality – with over 600 food products, including wine and spirits having received official origin and quality labels such as AOP, IGP, IG, AOC, and Red Label. The startup is preparing a digital catalog for the Montpellier Market of National Interest (MIN), to be published this summer. Panjee now has plans to expand its database to include other food products, particularly seafood products, for the French Fishing Sector and the Interprofessional Aquaculture Committee.

Incubated by Montpellier BIC since 2016, the two partners and six employees have their offices at the Cap Omega facility.

We benefit from the help of a project manager, training courses, and a very active startup network,” adds Jeoffrey Queruel, who also feels that “the Montpellier environment, with its digital and agri-food activities, is favorable for Panjee’s growth.

The young company is also incubated by Agro Valo Méditerranée (INRA) and benefits from support by the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation regional competitiveness cluster.

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