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“Let’s Dare to be Committed Entrepreneurs”: the competition is on!

Information updated on 14/12/21

You have until March 1 to participate in this competition organized by France Active Airdie-Occitanie with support from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. The goal is to help committed local entrepreneurs succeed with crowdfunding.

Osons les entrepreneurs engagés©DR

Let’s Dare to be Committed Entrepreneurs ©DR

What do these projects all have in common: La Cavale (cooperative bookstore), Les Jardins de Lunaret (educational vegetable farm), Oc’Consigne (local glass bottle repurposing network), Yuyo (3D printed bio-sourced surfboards), and Antonia (international school)? They were all winners of the “Let’s Dare to be Committed Entrepreneurs” competition launched last year by France Active Airdie-Occitanie in partnership with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

The goal is to participate in the development and promotion of local companies that want to leverage crowdfunding to consolidate projects with a positive impact on society or the environment, while also creating jobs.

Many companies try to use crowdfunding for financing, but they often fail due to a lack of preparation. With this competition, we want to help them to better define their projects and share methodology for moving forward, including their financial objectives, platform choices, project presentation, communication plans, and more,”  explains Vân-Ly Phan, solidarity financing advisor for France Active Airdie-Occitanie

Over 170,000 euros collected through crowdfunding

Last year, 14 companies and projects benefited from this coaching. Over 5,500 people mobilized to vote for their favorite project. Six winners and finalists launched and successfully drove their campaigns, collecting a total of over 170,000 euros.

Benefiting from personalized assistance with deadlines to respect clearly helped us organize our approach and give ourselves the best possible chances for success,” highlights Sylvain Bertschy, president of La Cavale. “We met a community of entrepreneurs who share our values. We also enjoyed media coverage and, thanks to advice from specialists, we reached 150% of our target and were able to launch our product,” exclaims Romain Paul, director of Yuyo.

This year, 12 to 16 finalists could once again participate in the two-day training session in April. Their projects will be subject to online voting by the public and a jury of professionals. The next step is to launch crowdfunding campaigns before November 2020.
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